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The 8 workouts you should have tried by now

We all know how the story goes: ringing the new year in with the best of intentions before promptly falling off the wagon, returning to your less salubrious habits that may or may not involve a habitual margarita hour and predilection for aperitivo come five o-clock. Hence we felt it appropriate to provide some fitspo for y’all. Having scoured the city’s best boutique gyms as well as some of its most effective personal trainers, to produce a roundup of fitness-forward classes that ought to help you adhere to your wayward resolutions.

1. Vinyasa Yoga at Studio Red Yoga
Whether you are already a yoga fan or not, you owe it to yourself to try this more dynamic style of practise. Inspiring a greater connection to the rhythm of breath, you’ll be forced to focus on posture and alignment during this disciplined yet highly kinetic practise that is suitable for beginner to pro yogis. Combined with deep breathing, it’s an addictive way of channeling your zen.

2. Reformer Pilates at Absolute Pilates
Pilates is one of those trends that has stayed true to form. With reformer classes originally designed to rehabilitate from injuries, they’ve proven to pave the path to a rock hard core too. These days you’re lucky if you can get into a class. Newmarket operator Lauren James runs a tight ship at Absolute Pilates where a focus on strength and balance will have you leaving feeling elated.

3. Personal Training at The Exercise Room 
Famous for their highly personalised approach to wellbeing, its no wonder The Exercise Room has become the fitness destination of choice for Auckland’s elite. With an intensely effective approach to working out propounded by the gym’s highly qualified trainers, there’s been no better time to get on board this fitness train.

4. Strength Boxing at Dos Manos 
Another sport that has endured the test of time, it’s hard to beat a boxing class in terms of pushing you to your personal limits. At Dos Manos you’ll be thoroughly guided in technique during bouts of shadow boxing and hard-hitting on the bag. Combined with strength exercises and hill sprints, this boutique boxing gym is the perfect place to get involved.

5. Herne Bay Boot Camp with Callum Schofield
From Parnell’s Exercise Room to the shores of Herne Bay, the qualified Coach Callum has started up a local bootcamp to bring the best of his training techniques to the great outdoors. With his capable directions, you can expect fast results from the bear crawls and creative team activities that will you no doubt be subjected to. To express your interest, email Coach Callum using the link above.

6. Aerial Yoga at Vimana
We should all be looking after our backs better and with the assistance of circus hammocks to achieve traditional postures, aerial yoga is an ethereal new practise that allows newcomers to discover postural fundamentals. By easily grasping moves deemed difficult on the ground in mid-air, the spine is allowed to lengthen, with reports of drastic pain relief, even for long-time sciatica sufferers.

7. Pole Dancing at Swing 360 Studio
It’s time to put the connotations aside, and take to the pole like Demi Moore in Striptease. Unrivalled in its ability to improve strength and flexibility, the worst thing about a pole workout is that you’re likely to find it disarmingly fun. All it takes is one look at your instructors to see the benefits of the spins, climbs and inversion that are involved at a swing 360 class.

8. Run Club at Nike Britomart
The art of running never gets old although it can sometimes get tiresome when at it alone. Joining Britomart’s Nike run club will see you motivated and socialised as part of the world’s largest run club which meets every Wednesday and 5.30pm before setting off on their downtown tour at 6pm. And as we approach the finest time of year, there’s no better excuse to lace up your trainers.


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