The 8 things you’re probably doing that your dermatologist hates

Dermatologists are the people who get up close and personal with us like few others do, and while it’s in their job description to be wholly polite to our faces, what you might not know is that there is a tirade of things that annoy them like no other — and you’re probably doing at least one of them.

Coming in for a full skin check while caked in makeup
How do you expect your dermatologist to fully examine your skin when you’ve slathered on the entire MAC counter beforehand? Stay clear of the nail varnish too, skin cancer has been found under toenails, fingernails, armpits and places you wouldn’t even imagine.

Asking your friends to check moles or abnormalities
Your friend is not a dermatologist, and it’s unlikely that she knows the difference between a sunspot and a cancerous mole. Unless, of course,  she is a dermatologist… in which case, carry on as you were.

Not wearing sunscreen enough
Whether it’s a long walk along the beach or a 10-minute stroll with the doggo, if you’re leaving the house, your skin is going to be exposed to harmful UV rays. Your dermatologist doesn’t want to hear that you’re not wearing sunscreen because you’re “never out in the sun.”

Not paying attention to your diet 
It’s all well and good claiming that you’ve tried everything in the book to clear your skin issues, but if you’re on a junk food diet worse than Morgan Spurlock’s from Supersize Me, your dermatologist is not going to be a happy chappy.

Wasting money on expensive products
In most cases, there’s really no difference between that $400 moisturiser and the $50 version — don’t believe the hype.

When you miss your yearly skin check
Remember that getting your skin checked regularly is just as imperative as all your other check-ups, if not more — skin cancer is more common than colon, breast or lung cancer.

Not being truthful about your medical history or previous treatments
Be sure to fully disclose any information that you feel should be relevant — your dermatologist can see if you’ve had botox, so don’t bother lying.

Picking at your spots
While it may seem like an easier way to get rid of them at the time, picking your pimples actually causes inflammation and can lead to acne scars or spread bacteria further across your skin, resulting in even more pimples than you had in the first place.


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