These are the 6 tests worth taking on your quest to self-discovery

We're paving the way for true self-enlightenment with advantageous assessments accessible from your armchair.

While self-discovery can be obtained from any number of avenues (a solo trek through Machu Picchu, a Habitat for Humanity expedition, meditation), there’s a special place in our hearts (and miraculously in our schedules) for the ease and immediacy of the ones offered online. Not to be confused with the ‘Which Disney Princess/Prince Are You’ variety that litter many a Facebook feed, we’ve earmarked a few that prove to be more, if not, just as eye-opening, as a mezcal-fuelled skinny dip in the ocean with Dr Libby herself – if ever that was an option.

Aiming to assist you in answering the age old question of ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’, while there isn’t a shortage of career-focused quizzes online, this one looks the nicest and uses a sophisticated algorithm to offer a range of enlightening, viable paths for those who have yet to hone in on their true passion or life’s purpose. Take the test here.

The 5 Love Languages
Based on the understanding that some people feel loved when touched while others favour words of encouragement, the quiz helps ascertain what you and the people around you respond best to based on the five main love languages: physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts and quality time. The result? A fulfilling boost for all involved in any relationship. Take the test here.

Maladaptive Covert Narcissism Scale
Perhaps the most applicable test to our modern day concerns, the 23 point questionnaire by psychologist Jonathan Cheek aims to uncover one’s levels of entitlement, shame and neuroticism. Take the test here.

The World’s Smallest Political Quiz
Political convictions are something that change over time, you can assess whether your liberal leanings are on course with this pint size questionnaire. Take the test here.

IQ Test
Finally a quiz to separate the superior intellects from the, to put it politely, mentally deficient. And aside from bragging rights, if you score 126 or above on one of the two tests offered, you’ll garner an exclusive invitation into the International High IQ Society. Take the test here.

Myers Briggs Personality Test
One of the most popular and respected personality type tools in the world, even though it’s reliability has been questioned in the past, the categorising of individuals into one of 16 personality types – either primarily Introverted or Extroverted (I/E), Intuitive or Sensing (N/S), Thinking or Feeling (T/F), and Perceiving or Judging (P/J) – is still telling and especially fun to do with friends. Take the test here.


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