Experience an exclusive one-on-one yoga session at Studio Red

If you've been thinking about trying yoga, look no further than Studio Red.

Work hard, exercise often and eat well. The basic motto of life is nothing you’ve not heard before. But in regards to physical exertion, we often fall into the realm of high-intensity workouts. Any exercise is good exercise, but if you’re yet to supplement the more intense training with the less, your body is not only missing out, it’s working too hard.

That’s where Studio Red steps in. Starting with the purpose-built studio (a work of art designed by Cheshire Architects) with every detail scrupulously thought out, from the sophisticated temperature control systems to the luxurious bathrooms, it’s the ideal space to practice this winter, especially if it’s your first time. Not only will the yoga help to strengthen, lengthen, and tone, it aids in your breathing and flexibility, all the while allowing you to be in a sustained moment of ultimate zen. And don’t let the state of the art space deter you, yoga enthusiasts of every ability are welcome.

From the moment you walk in, to the last Savasana at Studio Red, you will experience complete relaxation and peacefulness, a feeling that will have you returning to the modern sanctuary every week. If it’s something you’ve been thinking about, you no longer have an excuse, we have an exclusive opportunity for you to experience a one-on-one private lesson with studio manager Erica Davies. 

This competition has now finished. 


Studio Red

City Works Depot
15.5 / 90 Wellesley Street


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