Bust a move — Studio Red is the yoga studio switching up the beats

Studio Red has more than just the meditative melody of the ocean in its musical repertoire.

In traditional yoga classes, you’ll often hear spiritual chanting, pan flute-heavy instrumental music or 90 minutes of whale mating as you stretch into your downward dog. Sometimes a little too relaxing, if these dulcet soundtracks have you teetering on a shut-eye situation, Auckland’s Studio Red might be more in tune with your needs.

Something of a juxtaposition, with a frequently changing playlist, the Sunday Yin class sees studio manager Erica Davis playing everything from Bonobo to Bob Marley, and J Dilla to Wu-Tang Clan. Choosing the artists’ most yoga-appropriate tunes, the downtempo ambient vibe is surprisingly complementary to the long-held poses, ensuring a unique experience that doesn’t distract from the task at hand.

Heavily influenced by hip hop and R&B, Davis understands that music can transport you to another space, while at the same time allowing you to focus on each aspect of the class. Whether it be a reclined butterfly pose to open up the chest or a dragon flying low to stretch out the hips.

The music isn’t just an afterthought, but rather an integral part of creating a contemporary yoga experience. As the uninspired humming of the deep blue is forgotten, you are left feeling renewed as Drake softly serenades you in the background.

Studio Red Yoga

City Works Depot
15.5/90 Wellesley Street

021 474 633



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