The fragrance you should be wearing this season, according to your star sign

Abel: Red Santal
For the:
bold, ambitious, confident, passionate, spirited
Notes: pink and black pepper, clove bud, bergamot, ginger, thyme
Abel’s Red Santal, with its spicy, peppery scent, is warm and vibrant, especially suitable to the more outgoing, cheerful, personalities. To avoid the risk of being too overwhelming, the fragrance rounds off with an elegant, softer concoction of bergamot, ginger and thyme — still zestful without being scandalous.

Carine Roitfeld: Vladimir
For the:
devoted, independent, stubborn, lover of the finer things in life
Notes: amber, frankincense, orris, olibanum
Containing a melange of luxurious aromas, Carine Roitfeld’s Vladimir — part of her first fragrance collection entitled ‘7 Lovers’ — is an opulent scent that’s at once mysterious, dark and sensual — and especially suited to the evening.

Henry Rose: Last Light
For the: hard-working, intelligent, mature, outgoing
floral, musk, patchouli
Part of Michelle Pfeiffer’s new collection — which comprises five clean, nontoxic perfumes — Last Light is light and airy, with fresh floral notes that, when bound together by the patchouli, results in a smooth woody finish.

Tom Ford: Eau De Soleil Blanc
For the: cardamom, pink pepper, ylang ylang, Egyptian jasmine
Notes: cognac, opoponax, geranium, labdanum
What: With a sweet base of ylang ylang and Egyptian jasmine that’s juxtaposed with the top notes of cardamom, and the spicy, feisty pink pepper, Tom Ford’s Eau De Soleil Blanc is an alluring mixture of both feminine personalities, making it the ultimate refreshing scent.

19-69: Rainbow Bar Eau De Parfum
For the: vivacious, passionate, theatrical, enthusiastic
bergamot, cardamom, cypress, warwood, davana
Like a party in a bottle, 19-69’s scent is inspired by the infamous Rainbow Bar on Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, and thus is as effervescent and playful as you would expect — in part due to its racier kicks of bergamot, cardamom, vetyver and, of course, bourbon.

Mon Guerlain: Florale Eau De Parfum Intense
For the:
Loyal, practical, reliable, sweet
Notes: lavender, mandarin orange, bergamot
A classic floral scent for a practical personality, Mon Guerlain’s Florale avoids all the bells and whistles in favour of something traditional, feminine and mature. It’s like a wondrous bouquet of flowers, one that’s heavy on the lavender.

Gucci: Mémoire d’une Odeur
For the:
creative, expressive, artistic,
Notes: Roman chamomile, coral jasmine, musk, vanilla
What: With the unlikely addition of Roman chamomile, Gucci’s refreshing, unisex scent carries a strong green, herbal-like aroma that’s completely unique. A slight touch of jasmine, a more traditional floral scent, and soft white musk rounds of the fragrance — ensures it remains sharp and expressive without being overly intense.

Moth And Rabbit: Love Exposure
For the:
passionate, mysterious, powerful
magnolia flowers, ylang, neroli oil, cassis
What: Love Exposure, another fragrance that’s suitable for both men and women, boasts a soft, clean, light floral scent that’s made spicier by an unexpected kick of musk and incense. The bottling, equally as androgynous, is classic and monochromatic.

Montblanc: Explorer
For the:
brave, adventurous, lively, optimistic
Notes: ambroxan, bergamot, pink pepper, clary sage
What: It is technically a male scent, but shouldn’t necessarily be marketed as such — because those who are brave enough to don Monblanc’s Explorer are sure to reap the benefits. It’s warm, spicy and leathery, like all quality masculine fragrances, but the added bergamot and base notes of patchouli and cacao soften it up, making it a refreshing and unexpected scent that’s ideal for the adventurous woman.

Acqua Di Parma: Chinotto Di Liguria
For the:
elegant, sensitive, practical, helpful, sophisticated
Notes: mandarin orange, jasmine, geranium, rosemary
What: Acqua Di Parma’s fragrance is the embodiment of Italian chic, at once elegant and refined with a hint of zestiness. Plus, the bright blue hue of the bottle makes for a delightfully refreshing addition to any fragrance collection.

Le Labo: Baie 19
For the:
original, unique, independent, assertive
Notes: juniper berry, patchouli, green leaves
Inspired by petrichor, the earthy, guilty-pleasure type smell that accompanies rain after a long period of warm, dry weather, Baie 19 is definitely an unlikely, bold scent, but its alluring crisp and refreshing finish stop it veering off into complete ‘left-field’ territory. Quirky, but still inherently wearable.

Yves Saint Laurent: Libre
For the:
romantic, sentimental, gentle, kind, compassionate
Notes: mandarin orange, lavender, black currant, petitgrain
Yves Saint Laurent’s latest fragrance is sweet, feminine and romantic without being too saccharine, in part due to the lingering zestiness brought on by the orange blossom and the boldness instigated by the blackcurrant. The bottling is just as enticing, with its black lacquered cap and gilded YSL logo.


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