Bathe yourself in tranquil sound with Spring Spa’s incredible guest healer

The end of the year and build-up to Christmas is a stressful time for most. Often, we don’t know how to unwind from the binds of obligation and simply take stock. It wasn’t until my recent experience at Spring Spa that I found the kind of calm I had been searching for and it was something I would recommend to anyone else feeling December fatigue set in.

The Sound Bath treatment has been brought into Spring Spa by LA-based healer AZUL who is taking up temporary residence in the Ponsonby Road space. An intuitive and intrinsically grounded presence, AZUL uses her incredibly serene voice to guide you through a meditation while the reverberating notes of her quartz crystal bowls seem to vibrate the air around your skin. Along with vocal chanting, the use of fragrant sandalwood and amber smoke and deep breathing techniques, Azul channels and cleanses energy, balances chakras and clears unhelpful blockages.

An immersive, integrative experience, I left feeling entirely relaxed and slept like I hadn’t in a while that night. It’s spiritual without feeling inaccessible and is also inherently individualistic — bound to bring up different things for everyone. Encouraging us to go inwards and drive our own process (albeit with her help) AZUL is indirectly handing us tools through her sessions that we would do well to remember and implicate in our day-to-day lives. To breathe, to let go and to be kind to ourselves.

AZUL and the Sound Bath Treatment will be available at Spring Spa Ponsonby only until the end of March 2019. Click here to book. 

Spring Spa

228 Ponsonby Road

09 360 6509


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