Fragrance Update: Seven scents that will see you into spring

Spring is officially here, and there’s no better way to ring in the beginning of the sunnier season than swapping out winter’s musky, heavy, sensual fragrances for something more aromatically fitting for al fresco lunches, days on the beach and long, balmy evenings. Right on cue, a spate of new scents have arrived that perfectly capture this seasons lighter, brighter character — here’s seven of the finest.

Yves Saint Laurent — Libre
What: a sultrier take on spring
Who: the risk-taker
YSL is bringing forth a sexier take on the traditional florals for spring with the gender-bending Libre — available from the 16th September at Smith & Caughey’s. The newcomer takes the traditionally masculine fragrance family fougère — a category with generous helpings of lavender and oakmoss — and adds a lively dose of femininity via juicy mandarin, refreshing orange blossom and vanilla from Madagascar. Just like how Yves Saint Laurent retailored the classic tuxedo for women, it is once again toeing the line between quintessentially masculine and ultra-feminine to create an androgynous scent, one that delivers a wholly unique take on spring fragrance.

Van Cleef & ArpelsSantal Blanc
What: a soft and elegant classic
Who: the traditionalist
Designed to evoke a ‘white material’ like the crisp, cotton sheets synonymous with the warmer season, Santal Blanc has harnessed the most delicate, cotton-like elements of soft sandalwood, combining them with notes of fig milk, tonka bean and powdery musk to create a pure and elegant fragrance. The scent is lifted via a dose of mandarin, giving the soothing, graceful aroma a small but refreshing kick.

Jo Malone Poppy and Barley
What: an unexpected warm floral
Who: the creative
Floral and refreshing in true spring style, Jo Malone’s Poppy and Barley scent infuses the fresh notes of the poppy and the woody allure of the barley with the crisp and fruity essence of juicy, ripe blueberries. An unexpected contrast between vibrant poppies and nourishing grains, when rounded off with essences of fig and violet, create an unusually lively and vibrant finish that lends a tougher floral scent — ensuring that you won’t wind up smelling like your gran’s potpourri.

GucciMémoire d’une Odeur
What: earthy and androgynous
Who: the non-conformist
Another fragrance designed to transcend gender, Gucci’s unisex Mémoire d’une Odeur combines a unique bouquet of aromas to create something entirely new — able to suit everybody, and every occasion. The rare top notes of green, herbaceous Roman chamomile make it unlike any perfume that already resides upon your dresser, especially when combined with the honeyed, orangey aroma of Gucci’s exclusive Indian Coral Jasmine Nature Print. Base notes of Vanilla and sandalwood and cedarwood give the unlikely scent a traditional, timeless edge, resulting in an earthy, woody and herbaceous combination that not only toes the line between genders, but ages and seasons too.

Maison Margiela — Springtime In A Park
What: youthful and uber-feminine
Who: the whimsical
Maison Margiela’s new offering is an ultra-feminine take on the classic spring recipe. Fresh and uplifting, the fragrance is designed to deliver an aromatic journey that’s similar to a stroll through a blooming flower garden — beginning with fruity opening notes of pear, bergamot and blackcurrant before giving way to more floral hints of lily of the valley, royal jasmine and damask rose. The final woody element, softened by a gentle touch of vanilla, ensures that the scent lands on a muskier note, thus avoiding a sickly-sweet finish.

Boucheron — Orange de Bahia
What: fresh, vibrant and zesty
Who: the livewire
With citrus fruits residing at its heart, Boucheron’s Orange de Bahia is an incredibly zesty and refreshing perfume perfect for those looking for something feminine without veering into the saccharine. Sharp notes of Green Mandarin combine with the gentler, sweet essences of Brazilian Orange, exotic Coconut Milk and creamy Fig Leaf, resulting in a sparkling, youthful scent.

Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum Intense
What: woody and oriental
Who: the mature
A woody oriental formula that intertwines notes of lavender and mandarin with soft sandalwood and woody patchouli, Guerlain’s spring offering is a more mature take on the classic floral. The finished combination, tied together by vanilla notes, is a strong and sensual addition to fragrance collections.


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