We’re looking at exercise in a new light thanks to these workout-centric treatments

There are few things that get us excited for a laborious workout. In fact, it usually begins and ends with the promise of what we can eat post-exercise, guilt-free. But summer’s a’comin and it’s high time we kicked our backsides into gear. Swooping into our lives at just the right time is a new ‘athletics’ release from French beauty brand Sothys, and with it, the idea of exercise doesn’t seem so bad after all.

The range — comprising two in-house spa treatments and two products — has been developed with athletes in mind, but is just as beneficial for Phoebe Buffay like runners and once-in-a-blue-moon gym-goers, too. One of the treatments is designed to sooth and warm the body pre-exercise, via a 45-minute, warming, enveloping detox foam, while the other aims to relieve the tension post-exercise via a deep tissue-inspired massage, designed to promote both comfort and relaxation.

The take-home products include a soothing nutri-relaxing oil, which offers a double-whammy of benefits. Not only does the formula tone, relax and comfort, but the innovative blend of camphor extracts, cypress, sacha inchi, arnica and mandarin essential oils nourishes the skin to an almighty degree. The gel product, on the other hand, delivers an instant warming effect, stimulating the skin and instantly preparing it for exercise. Another multifaceted hero, this product is full of caffeine — the wonder ingredient which is included to promote the elimination of fat and help to boost slimness.

In light of such a game-changing launch, Sothys has partnered with professional tennis player Caroline Garcia, who ranks No.1 in France, and a smooth No.7 in the world. And while not be able to relate to giving that kind of performance, with this new range of athletic products, we can’t help but feel that one step closer.

To book for one of Sothys’ new athletics treatments, click here


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