5 skincare products that changed our lives this year

Here at Denizen, we take skincare quite seriously. Often in awe when someone waltzes through the door with a dewy, natural glow — “what have you been using? where did you buy it? how long does it take to work?”— we then proceed to track the products down and lather them on our skin in the hopes of emulating said glow. So, we thought it suitable to discuss what products have quite literally, change our lives, a guide if you will as to what you should be stocking up on. The following five, some old, some new, will be permanent fixtures on our nightstands and in our handbags for seasons to come.

Above, from left to right:
Bioderma micellar water
Although this product has graced the shelves of French it-girls for some time now, thanks to the arrival of new online beauty destination INÈS, we can finally add this magic water to our lineup of must-haves.

Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate
We gently massage this into our skin in the evenings and by morning, it’s like we’ve reverted back to our adolescent days (pre-awkward teen years, of course). Packed with natural ingredients, this elixir guarantees soft, supple and perfectly hydrated skin.

Aspect Dr products
We tried to limit this to just one product, even two, but the entire Aspect Dr range seems to have garnered our love and affection. But the Exfol A serum (to be applied in the evenings) and Resveratrol moisturiser (used night and day) is a good place to start.

Dr. Lipp nipple balm
Don’t be fooled by its name, this multitasking miracle balm not only does what it says but also soothes chapped lips, dry skin like eczema and offers respite for burns and abrasions. We often find ourselves massaging it into our cuticles too.

Skin multi-nutrient facial oil
A welcome addition to this years list of lifesavers, this facial oil is packed with all-natural ingredients such as jojoba, apricot and avocado and works wonders at stimulating collagen. We absolutely love that we can pick this up during our supermarket run.



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