Recently shaved your head? Here’s how to look after it the right way

So you’ve bitten the bullet and shaved your head in a bid to overhaul your look… now what? You’re probably realising that the biggest misconception is that your hair maintenance needs become zero. Admittedly, it’s far less effort than having a long, thick mane, but it still requires some TLC. These are the main things you need to consider once you’ve headed down the buzz cut route.

Be sun smart
If you’re new to the shaved head scene, there’s a very good chance that the poor skin on your scalp has never been quite this exposed before. We’re in the midst of spring now, and the sun’s wrath only gets more intense from here on in, so we recommend loading up on the sunscreen. Opt for an SPF50 — like No Dice’s non-whitening, non-greasy formula — as your hair gives virtually zero protection from the sun, and be sure to reapply throughout the day, especially around the hairline. Wear a hat when you can, although we know that might prove difficult when it comes to showing off your new do.

Stock up on moisturiser
The shaving process can put some serious stress on that scalp of yours, tie that in with the continuous sun exposure and the result is often a dry and flaky scalp — and nobody can pull off the dandruff look, nobody. Moisturising is one step the majority of men forget to carry out once shaved, but it’s a vital one to keep that scalp looking healthy.

Invest in some scalp shampoo
While shampooing a bald head may seem barbaric, it’s important to remember that your scalp needs just as much love as your hair once did. You wouldn’t leave any other part of your body unwashed, so why neglect your lid? Cleansing your top removes oil and dirt (we recommend a simple, hassle-free formula like Ecostore’s eco-friendly shampoo) but try not to cut corners with body wash or soap, these can have a drying effect.

Massage your head
It’s said that massaging a bald head can bring good luck, but for those who aren’t superstitious, massaging the head will increase circulation and blood flow to the scalp — and that’s just as good.

The upkeep
As mentioned, the reality of a shaved head is that it isn’t as hassle-free as people expect it to be. In fact, keeping on top of it requires regular visits to the barber or shaving upkeep. If it’s the latter, you have to make sure you’re shaving correctly, too. To get the ultimate close shave, prep the head first, (yes, prep) by showering first to soften the hair and then lathering on a quality shaving cream (like SM Novella’s creamy, anti-inflammatory formula). Just like the hair on your face, you should be shaving with the grain, as shaving against can often result in burn. Opt for back to front on the top of the head, and downwards on the sides and back before applying a bit of soothing post-shave treatment, Perricone MD should do the trick.


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