Seed is the freeze-dried super greens you didn’t know you needed

What you put in your body either feeds or fights disease, so it's important to make sure it's the latter.

There are plenty of good-for-you powders, supplements and elixirs available here in New Zealand. And that should come as no surprise, given the clean image and health-driven lifestyles many of us try to live up to. But what there aren’t many of, are freeze-dried green powder formulas. That’s where Seed Super Greens step in.

Created by Ilse Wolfe, the goal was to make a powder formula (with the knowledge that our bodies struggle to effectively absorb vitamin and mineral pills) that would promote a healthier lifestyle. After becoming frustrated with buying products that had unnecessary ingredients in them, especially those they couldn’t pronounce, they did some research and also found that most green powders on the market were created by heat drying.

This process, although a much more affordable way to go about creating powdered products, is one that strips the nutrients and vitamins from the raw ingredients by extracting the water content. By freeze-drying them instead, the cellular makeup is not exposed to intense heat, locking in 98 percent of the original nutrients. With this knowledge on board, Wolfe got to work, taking the path less travelled to create a freeze-dried formula that was actually full of the good stuff.

Focusing on developing a product that targeted specific needs, she came up with three varieties: Skin, Hair and Nails; Immunity and Antioxidant; and Natural Energy. With an underlying motto of ‘you get out what you put in’, each formula packs an impressive list of natural ingredients (all of which can be easily pronounced) including kale, spinach, beetroot, broccoli, chlorella, cumin, matcha, cacao and carrots to name but a few. Each chosen for their powerful antioxidant and nutritional properties, they are all designed to support and boost our daily ‘needs’.

The overall vision for Seed Super Greens is for you to be healthier than you were yesterday. And, if the attention the brand has already received is anything to go by, you can bet by adding the super green powders to your morning smoothie, you’ll start feeling more energised, your skin will glow, and indeed, you’ll feel better than you did yesterday.

Seed Super Greens are available at Huckleberry stores, now.

Seed Super Greens


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