We tried a completely product free facial and here’s what we thought

I’m not going to lie; I don’t mind a facial. In fact, there was a time, when I had more time, that they were a weekly occurrence in my life. But something happened on the way to facial rejuvenation, and it came in the form of claustrophobia. While I’m the first to be wooed into submission by the promise of a youthful glow at the mercy of a newfangled elixir, that when applied to my skin, abruptly turns into a hardened mask. Recently, I have developed an inner panic as soon as these sorts of masks are applied to my face. An intense, irrational fear overcomes me, and I feel like I might actually suffocate. When a facial evokes a feeling of internal panic rather than relaxation, you realise pretty swiftly that this is not the treatment for you.

I recently learned, however, of a revolutionary new facial, the Rosenthal, that’s completely product free, which piqued my interest. In a bid to avoid the fear factor and reinvent the facial altogether, skincare aficionado Michelle Cook — head of Rosenthal skincare — has invented an utterly relaxing, all-natural edition with no slathering or caking in sight. Developing a technique that employs the regenerating benefits of massage rather than the layering of products, the Rosenthal treatment sees the face, head and neck kneaded to a state of blissful relaxation. At the hands of Michelle, my face and neck were gently and rhythmically massaged into a state of bliss. The process is designed to release facial tension (particularly good for jaw clenchers) and promote the natural flow of energy, all while helping to stimulate the skin’s natural cell rejuvenation and repairing process.

The hour-long massage is one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve ever had, to the point that I actually fell asleep. But the real treat came in the aftermath, the following day my face somehow felt soft, the tension just not there like it was the day before. I can definitely see the long-term benefits of committing to this regularly. It really is true bliss.

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