These are the general rules for picking the right red lipstick for your skin tone

There’s no look more classic than the bold red lip, it’s a well-known fact. What is nothing more than a mere myth, however, is that red lipstick only suits certain people. Anyone can wear a rouge lip, from fair-skinned redheads to those lucky few who sport a natural tan. So for the myriad of different skin tones out there, we’ve narrowed it down to the main skin types to get you on your way.

Fair skin
There are far too many fair skinned maidens that are too afraid to wear red lipstick, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We wholly encourage exploring the more vivid end of the colour spectrum but be sure to stick to blue undertones, as these complement the natural skin colour as opposed to washing it out, all while downplaying any hints of ruddiness in the face. An added benefit: blue undertoned lipsticks make your teeth look whiter and brighter.

Medium skin
Those who have a touch more melanin in their skin can get away with a much broader range of reds, meaning there’s far more room to experiment. We suggest searching for a warmer red to enhance your tone and truly bring out the more glowy, golden aspects of your skin. Feeling bold? Punchy wine shades instead contrast with your skin, serving as a more edgy look as opposed to being ultra-flattering.

Olive skin
For those lucky few with a year-round tan, opt for orange-infused reds like spring-ready coral, and be sure to dabble in shiny textures as opposed to mattes as this helps the colour to stand out against darker skin tones. If you can, avoid anything with blue undertones as these can turn out as a more hot-pinkish hue on warmer complexions. 

Dark skin
A darker lip colour suits a darker skin tone like no other, think deep berries, mulled wines and plum coloured options. Pillarbox-inspired shades can actually wash out darker skin tones, so opting for more purple tinted reds serves as a more flattering take, they also add a touch of eye-catching intensity without being too overwhelming.


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