Ready to unleash a new and improved you? These treatments will do the trick

To turn over a new leaf, look no further.

A heavenly step to fabulous feet with the Margaret Dabbs Supreme Pedicure
Encouraging us to ‘toe’ the line in 2017 is the foot overhaul pioneered by London-based podiatrist Margaret Dabbs. Tapping into the ancient medicinal and healing properties of Australian organic Emu Oil, the result of Dabbs’ Fabulous Feet line is nothing short of astounding. Thankfully, the Margaret Dabbs Supreme Pedicure is available as part of the repertoire of the pampering professionals at East Day Spa. Boasting an indulgent, relaxing pedicure utilising the full Margaret Dabbs range, paired perfectly with a soothing foot bath and massage, the hour-long treatment will see you emerge with baby soft, perfectly buffed feet and a renewed eagerness to step up to the game of life. To book, click here.

Set your polished presence free with a Toning Scrub
Trust the French skincare experts at Sothys to create an all-over skin saver well worth derobing for. Using a polishing potion to scrub away the dead weight that’s been holding you back, the melt-in blend sprinkled with lemon peel is a fresh invigorating feast for both the skin and the senses. With each masterful stroke, the old and unnecessary will be banished, making way for the new, leaving you free to emerge with skin so velvety, you’ll barely be able to refrain from touching yourself. To find your nearest location, click here.

Drop the double chin with Coolsculpting
You may already be privy to Prescription Skin Care’s life-changing treatment that freezes fat cells in trouble zones around the stomach, inner and outer thigh, mid-back and hips, conveniently and naturally banishing them from your body over the coming months. Leaving other cells unaffected due to their higher resistance to the freezing method, the Coolsculpting CoolMini hand piece — especially created to target the dreaded double chin — works by suctioning the affected area while it’s being chilled. Said to be the stubborn cause of one looking older than they actually are, all that stands between you and a younger visage sans knife or needles are a handful of sessions with your new favourite icy ally. To book in a consultation at the Remuera or Ponsonby branch, click here.

Pump up your point of view with Volume Lash Extensions
Tired peepers giving away the game? For an eye-opening upgrade to aid you in appearing more rested than you may feel and rid you of the clumpy, smudge-ready mess of an excuse for mascara, if you haven’t already had your life changed by volume lash extensions, there’s no better time. Bringing just the right amount of drama to garner compliments yet subtle enough so no one can quite pinpoint precisely why you look so good, the secret lies in the seriously soft, synthetic, silk volume lashes at Sydney Lashes. Impeccably applied for staying power and a barely-there feel, these are different to the classic single strand versions; instead, the single lash fibre turns into a cluster of three or more lashes at the ends, culminating in a captivating outcome that is full, flu y and fabulously feminine. To book, click here.


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