Studio Red is the slick new yoga studio providing the ultimate zen

This slick new studio is unveiled as Auckland's first world-class yoga practice

It is with great intentions that many of us set out into the new year following a breezy summer break, full of optimistic vows to take better care of ourselves. Promising to help oneself tone up, de-stress, and achieve a better night’s sleep, the benefits of hot yoga read something like the prolific wellbeing quotes that confront us daily. However for us non-yogis yet to be seduced by crowded rooms with unusual odours and condensation running down the walls, brand new Studio Red couldn’t be a more welcome breath of fresh air for our city.

Opening its doors to usher one and all into its crisp environment that feels more akin to a contemporary day spa than hot yoga studio, the quality of Studio Red’s fit out by award winning Cheshire Architects is surpassed only by its calibre of teachers — including maverick guru Vincent Boletta and studio manager Erica Davis  — chosen by owner Vicky Cullinane to bring their refreshing, practical approaches to Studio Red’s variety of class styles. Boasting a state of the art ventilation system that ensures the feeling of being enveloped by a warm, dry blanket, your comfort is guaranteed while your body is transformed into the limber structure it was always destined to be, and mind is elevated to the ultimate level of zen.

Studio Red

City Works Depot
15.5 / 90 Wellesley Street


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