Get to know ins and outs of permanent hair removal

Get to the root of unwanted facial and body hair with lasting results.

While laser hair removal is nothing new, the effectiveness and accessibility is undoubtedly better than ever. Previously a treatment reserved for those with medium complexions and dark, straight hair, laser is now readily accessible for all.

The cooling Cutera CoolGlide laser hand piece is applied to the region of concern, zapping large patches of unwanted hair at a time. The pigment in the hair soaks up the concentrated beam of light, damaging the hair follicle enough to deter future growth. Depending on the nature of your skin and how coarse or dark your hair is, the technician must first determine the wattage best suited to you. Like all new treatments, be sure to tee up a consultation first to assess your suitability.

You wouldn’t be alone if you assumed it was the same thing. The primary difference between laser hair removal and IPL is the technology that each employs to generate light. While IPL is a premium solution for skin irregularities such as broken capillaries, spider veins and dark spots, the Cutera CoolGlide laser is simply more effective for removing unwanted hair. Because laser technology machines produce a single wavelength of concentrated light, the beam is stronger with a very specific target, making it ideal for honing in on the melanin in hair follicles. IPL, when utilised as a method of hair removal, is much less effective and does not respond to darker skin tones. IPL is not laser, instead it disperses a broad spectrum of wavelengths with much shallower penetration than the high-intensity laser alternative.

The beauty of laser lies in the purity of the light source and the hand-held distribution. Because the technician zaps unwanted hair with a hand piece, hard to reach areas are easily treated. Virtually any unwanted hair can be-zapped into oblivion; the upper lip, facial fuzz, underarms, bikini line and beyond, legs, underarms, back and chest are all treatable within a mere lunch hour. Areas that are often irritable after waxing or threading, such as the upper lip and bikini line, respond best to laser removal with little irritation and no pesky ingrown hairs that often rear their ugly heads after a visit to the beautician.

If you like the sound of laser, the time is now. The optimal season to treat unwanted hair is winter, when skin is less likely to be exposed to the sun’s harsh UV rays. Undergoing a series of laser treatments during the cooler months also means that come summer you’ll be hair free and bounding with newfound confidence. Be sure not to show up to your appointment cleanly shaven; dermatologists and distributing technicians recommend allowing up to three days growth before treatments.

They say beauty is pain but laser is by no means excruciating. Expect minimal discomfort that feels similar to a hot scratch or the ping of a rubber band. Unlike hot wax, the process is much tidier and less invasive. Many who opt to take the laser route find the smell of zapping hair more distracting than the discomfort of the actual procedure itself.

It’s best to consider Cutera CoolGlide laser hair removal a permanent treatment with each session drastically diminishing hair regrowth. Following a treatment, dead hair will fall away on its own. Even coarse, naturally brittle hair will become finer and more sparse. Anywhere between six to eight treatments in ten week intervals are recommended in order to achieve substantial hair reduction, and in many cases, lifelong results. Many find no need to return after as little as five treatments. Hair today, gone tomorrow.

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