4 incredibly easy steps to becoming a better morning person

There’s nothing worse than waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Improve your odds of an excellent sleep followed by a docile awakening with these four handy tips.

1. Half Open…
Your blinds or curtains that is. Sleeping with them slightly ajar allows for the natural morning light to stream through, which then sends a signal to the brain to slow the production of melatonin and start producing adrenaline.

2. You Snooze, You Loose
It’s something we’re all guilty of; setting three alarms and repeatedly hitting snooze. But from the first alarm, the REM cycle becomes interrupted and each thereafter only contributes further to an imbalance of the body’s natural rhythm

3. Wake up to Music
If you’re currently being dragged out of bed by the sound of squawking animals or the monotonous ringing of bells, you’ve been doing it all wrong. Rising to a song you actually like will set you up for a positive day. We are partial to ‘Sunshine’ by Twista.

4. Sleep Clean
This means sleeping with your phone in a different room — or just outside of your own. An act that in itself draws huge benefits, come morning, you’ll be forced to get out of bed to turn off the alarm.


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