This ultra hydrating sheet mask is perfect for the woman on the go

Along with the hour-long bubble bath novelty and the weekly manicure miracle, taking a spot of downtime to relax with a sheet mask on is often nothing but a distant dream. Hectic work schedules combined with buzzing social lives mean that finding that much coveted ‘me time’ is as likely as a hog taking to the air. Luckily, La Mer’s new product allows us to sheet-up while we clean the house, bust out some work and heck, even go for a brisk walk if we want to. (Although, for fear of terrifying innocent bystanders, we recommend limiting this to the confines of your own home.)

With Japanese skin-hugging technology at its helm, La Mer’s fresh sheet mask actively penetrates the deeply hydrating formula into the skin while you are free to stay active, rendering the notion of women being able to multitask truer than ever before. Each individual mask is infused with a full ounce of La Mer’s foolproof The Treatment Lotion, a formula which blends soothing sea kelp with hyaluronic acid, a replenishing fusion of algae and sea minerals and a bevvy of nutrients and minerals, to deliver a concentrated surge of hydration in mere minutes.

Combine its plumping, awakening and revitalising qualities with its innovative practicality and we’re left with a serious multifaceted mask that we’re wishing we had in our lives sooner. Whether used pre-makeup as the ultimate primer, post-flight for a rejuvenating pick-me-up, mid-day for a glowing boost between work and after-work drinks or as an evening relaxation treatment, this game-changing skin treatment is on its way to becoming our number one choice anywhere, anyhow.

La Mer’s Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask is available at Smith & Caughey’s and in-store at David Jones, Wellington.


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