Need a change? These hair trends are inspiring us to give our locks a fresh look

It has been said that a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life, and it’s true. There is nothing like a fresh colour or a bold cut to make you feel like a different person, and for some reason, it’s this time between seasons that most often gives rise to hair-changing trends. From swoopy 70s bangs and shaggy waves to bold tones of copper and blonde, these are the trends we’re taking to our hairdressers for the season ahead.

Curtain Bangs
Channel 70s Jane Birken with this updated take on classic bangs. Cut to be softer around the face and much more manageable than a blunt fringe, curtain bangs add an element of supermodel cool without resulting in too dramatic a change.

Shaggy Waves
Unkempt hair is trending again, with a number of models and celebrities rocking messy waves, choppy cuts and tresses that generally look like the wearer has just rolled out of bed. Time to master the art of styling without looking like you’ve touched a single hair on your head.

Copper Tones
Colours that fall somewhere between auburn, orange, rust and copper are coming to the fore as the tones of the moment. While polarising, perhaps, these colours are facilitating the rise of the red-head, and are the perfect shades to heat things up as the weather cools down.

Dramatic Blonde
Forget subtle change this season, if you’ve been thinking about lightening up your locks, why not go all the way with dramatic, icy blonde? Take a leaf out of Billie Eilish’s book and opt for a full colour change to give your winter hair a serious lift. Lucky for you, we’ve also scouted out the best blonde colourists in town, so the hard work is already done.

All-Off Chop
A seriously short haircut will lend any look a sharp, confident edge. Whether you go for the full pixie or a jawline bob, chopping everything off will give you a new lease on life and open up a range of hairstyles you might have never considered before.


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