Could the world’s first smart styler really get our hair prepped in half the time?

Oh, ghds. They’re arguably the most imperative part of our beauty routine, doing a thankless job, day in and day out, keeping our lids smooth and composed. Which is why, if you’re like me, yours is likely due for an upgrade. The timing couldn’t be better with the arrival of Good Hair Day’s latest model (yes, that’s what it stands for) the new Platinum+. Having put the hardware to the test, here are a few reasons we deem the saucy new apparatus a must-have, especially when it comes to saving time.

It heats up in less time than it takes to decide which lip colour to apply.
I.e. 20 seconds. Which is actually no time at all. When I would usually turn my habitual pair of straighteners on before I applied foundation, now you really don’t need any lead time at all. Realistically, 20 seconds is about all the time it takes to have a sip of coffee before embarking on your hairstyle du jour.

Thick and unruly or baby fine, it adapts to your hair. 
That’s right. It’s a smart styler (and the world’s first, no less) which means ultra-zone monitors can predict the nature of your hair by the way you are using the straighteners, responding to your mane and method of styling to achieve your finished coif more quickly. Mind. Blown.

It will never, EVER overheat. 
Being riddled with ‘infinity sensors’, these straighteners will monitor the heat they are giving off around 250 times per second, which subsequently means that you couldn’t possibly damage your hair even if you tried. So no extra products for damaged strands and flyaways, it’s a smooth result from the get-go.

You can take it anywhere. Worldwide. 
Universal voltage means that even when you’re travelling, there’s no slowing down. DJ Khalid would be proud.

You can purchase a pair of ghd’s new Platinum+ straighteners here


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