These new workout trends are set to shake up your fitness regime

We are all well aware that new years resolutions are meant to be broken. But when March swings around and you’ve used the “but, it’s Christmas” excuse to devour everything in sight since December — cakes, chips, chocolate, a small village — whilst simultaneously thrashing through Netflix’s entire inventory, something needs to be done.

Instead of conjuring up sweaty, beetroot-faced, hernia-inducing visuals every time the word ‘exercise’ is uttered, we need to look at the new and improved ways of getting our bodies moving. 2018 offers an influx of exercise updates, incorporating everything from meditation to fitness technology. Here, we’ve rounded up the fitness trends du jour, and encourage you to incorporate them into your daily life — no ambulance necessary.

Hit ’em up
2018 has seen a resurgence in boxing, kickboxing, martial arts and a variety of other combat sports. Whilst physically demanding, the distraction you get from constantly switching up your movements makes for a far more enjoyable exercise regime than methodically pounding the pavement for 40 minutes. Providing a full body workout, combat sports also improve cardiovascular health, stamina and build lean muscle mass. Dos Manos offer a variety of boxfit sessions at its speciality gym, where a combination of endurance, strength training and technical boxing will leave you feeling fitter than ever before.

Let’s get technical
From accessories and gadgets to digital fitness, exercise is getting a progressively technical twist. Smartwatches, apps, and wearable technology are revolutionising the way we work out. Polar’s M600 android smartwatch tracks your workouts, sleep, calories and steps whilst Under Armour‘s HOVR running shoes incorporate a built-in sensor to track distance, pace, stride, and steps before sending all the cumulated data to your ‘Map My Run’ app. If all else fails you can download ‘GymShamer’ — the app that lets your followers know if you didn’t reach your weekly fitness goal. Fitness motivation with a healthy dose of public shaming, where do we sign up?

Time for some R&R
The biggest exercise trend of 2018 seems to be all about slowing down and taking a breather — which is what we like to hear. Restorative recovery classes are taking the world by storm, as people realize that recuperation is just as important as a good sweat session. The Yin yoga classes offered at Studio Red are slow and introspective and will see you rebalance your body through poses focusing on connective tissue, joints and fascia release; while Ponsonby’s I Am Studio offer Pilates classes that promote lean muscle and vitality.

Mind training
It’s no secret that meditation has made it big, but intertwining it with exercise is something that’s set to blow up this year. By combining mindfulness with high-intensity exercises like weight lifting, HIIT training and combat sports, the result is a cathartic, restorative, calming release — something we’re all craving right now. Work through the step by step process of a mindful HIIT workout online with Furthermore, or allow your mind to get lost in the music at Westward Cycle, putting a new spin on the spin class. With a focus on breath, rhythm and inspiring tunes, the indoor cycling classes are lit by candlelight, ensuring you leave feeling relaxed and energised.


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