These three Femtech apps will change the way you manage your health

Whether it’s the stigma surrounding female health or the fact that Silicon Valley is an extremely male-dominated environment, women’s health is a field that has, until recently, remained relatively unacknowledged. This blossoming sector encourages a more open discourse around previously considered taboo subjects — including periods, sexual wellness, pregnancy, fertility and reproductive health — meaning women are given the chance to learn more about their bodies and understand how better to care for them in the process. (A long time coming, we think.) 

Femtech is here and we’re wondering how we ever managed without it, if you’re a little late to the party then don’t fret, because here we’ve narrowed it down to three of the best apps that are raising the bar within the world of female wellbeing. 

Natural Cycles
Originally created as a fertility and period-tracking app, Natural Cycles made its mark in technology history by evolving into a form of contraception. It pays to note that doctors would not advise full dependence on the app, but the genius innovation uses women’s morning temperatures to determine peak fertility, feeding the data into the programme before delivering a result — a red light indicates a risk of getting pregnant whereas a green gives the go-ahead for unprotected sex.

Naya is the ingenious application aimed at new mothers, designed to make breastfeeding easier and more navigable. It tracks breast pumping and nursing sessions while monitoring their child’s feeding schedule, linking the Naya Smart Breast Pump to the handy smartphone app.

Kegel Trainer PFM Exercises
A weak pelvic floor is something that is surprisingly common, even more so in new and expectant mothers, and once it’s gone you’ll be wishing you did more to keep it. The Kegel Trainer offers over 750 sessions and daily reminders, making strengthening those pelvic floor muscles just another part of the simple daily routine.


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