These face saving serums are the perfect protection against the perils of winter

Whether it be our lips, the dry areas around our nose or the delicate skin under our eyes, winter wreaks havoc on our faces, leaving them looking flaky, dry and downright unsightly. Summer’s lightweight moisturisers are absolutely no match for these elements and instead, we need to turn to something a little more robust. Serums penetrate the skin and absorb into the dermis for full nourishing effect, eradicating dryness to an almighty degree. It pays to remember that different areas of the face require different attention, so to get you on your way we’ve laid out the best serum, and the specific areas they target for optimum replenishment.

The perfect remedy for dry, cracked lips, Verso Skincare’s Lip Serum uses Retinol 8 complex and hyaluronic acid to stimulate collagen production and kickstart rejuvenation. The process replenishes the lips and leaves them looking hydrated and plump, even on the harshest winter days. While Inika’s Certified Organic Lip Serum detoxifies, heals and hydrates with a combination of all-natural ingredients, including jojoba, sunflower and rosehip oils.

A ‘mini-lift’ in a bottle, La Mer’s Lifting Eye Serum helps to lift and shape the natural eye contours while combatting dry skin. Its distinctive Stretch Matrix Complex works alongside sea botanical ingredients to promote the natural production of elastin, leaving eyes looking tighter and brighter. Alternatively, Aesop’s Anti-Oxidant Eye Serum uses vitamins C and E with lavender stem, parsley seed and blue chamomile to gently hydrate and replenish all skin types.

Lighter and thinner than your average moisturiser, Bless skincare’s Plump My Skin serum penetrates deeper into the skin, allowing its innovative formula to tackle dryness from below the surface. A unique blend of vitamins and hyaluronic acid plumps and smooths out fine lines while injecting an optimum dose of hydration. For an extra boost of radiance, NIOD’s Photography Fluid Opacity serum combines correcting and light-reflecting ingredients to even out tone and illuminate.


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