What to expect from your next eye examination, according to an optometrist

Not all eye care specialists are created equal. We speak with Lynne Parker of Parker & Co eyewear to find out what to expect from a visit to the optometrist.

Keep your schedule open, for an eye exam should be at least 30 minutes long. Anything less and you’re likely not getting comprehensive testing.

Tell Me About Yourself
Don’t be shy — you should expect to be asked about your age, the state of your general health, and your family history of diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes and heart disease.

Internal Health
An assessment of your internal eye health, including retina, optic nerves and blood vessels should take place, while your optometrist explains the how and the why of the process to you.

External Health
Expect a biomicroscope exam of your external eye, including lids and lashes. Here, the optometrist looks closely at them via a low-powered microscope and a high- intensity light to check for abnormality.

Colour Vision
Some retinal eye diseases affect colour perception, so expect colour vision testing.

Pressure Check
The optometrist should measure the pressure of each eye. Drops or a puff of air may be used to check for glaucoma.

Coordination is Key
Look out for tests of your eye muscles to check that they are moving and coordinating correctly, and assessments of your pupils’ function and response.

Photo Ready
Photographs will be taken of the inside and outside of your eyes for a thorough assessment of their health.

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