Ecoya’s new Bodycare bottle design is the perfect addition to your countertop

Sometimes, it’s the little touches to a space that really give it a certain je ne sais quoi. A perfectly placed candle in the dining room for example, or a decorative euro pillow or two in the bedroom. Or perhaps — if Ecoya is anything to go by — a glorious set of frosted hand washes and lotions placed on a kitchen counter or bathroom sink.

The newest addition to the fragrance and body care brand’s ever-expanding repertoire of goods is set to give interior spaces the same luxurious treatment it gives bodies. The brand new, elegant bottle design sees an overhaul of Ecoya’s range of Hand & Body washes and lotions with grey and clear frosted bottles, respectively. Ensuring that the new designs are an undeniably sophisticated and eco-conscious addition to any home, each bottle has been crafted from fully recyclable PET plastic.

The divine Bodycare collection is available in five iconic ECOYA fragrances, including French Pear, Lotus Flower, Sweet Pea & Jasmine, Guava & Lychee Sorbet and Coconut & Elderflower. And not to worry — the bottle designs may have changed but the ECOYA Bodycare, vegan-friendly formulas remain the same, still using the best botanical bases of macadamia, coconut and almond oils alongside rich, revitalising vitamin E.


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