Breathe freely with Ecostore’s ultra-sensitive cleaning and skincare range

Does your nose burn and your head swim when you stand too close to someone wearing perfume? Perhaps your face breaks out in hives when you use a new moisturiser. It may seem extreme, like a far-fetched tale from a chronic hypochondriac, but situations like these are all too real for the growing number of the population struggling with multiple chemical sensitivity, asthma or allergies — the latter of which affects one in three New Zealanders.

New research conducted by Dr Anne Steinemann, Professor of Civil Engineering at The University of Melbourne, shows how exposure to fragrance is posing significant health risks to a large sector of the population, with destabilising effects. However, not all is lost. There’s still much we can do to make the air around us safer to breathe. Opting for fragrance-free products, like Ecostore’s Ultra-Sensitive range, is the first step to reducing such risks to ourselves and to those around us.

Comprising a collection of household products such as fabric softener and multi-purpose cleaner alongside soaps, handwashes and haircare, the range offers an array of environmentally safe, fragrance-free alternatives, all of which have been dermatologically tested for people with sensitive skin and approved by Sensitive Choice® — the first body product range in New Zealand to do so.


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