Ecostore’s limited edition switch-up is a step forward for sustainability

There are many things we could imagine reporting on when it comes to all-ethical, all-natural brand Ecostore, but going to the dark side was never one of them. In fact, it seemed to be a miscommunication until we delved further into the story and discovered its new movement, upon which everything fell into place. Far from representing a shift in a moral code, Ecostore’s new ‘dark side’ comes in the form of black, limited edition bottles that have been created with New Zealand charity Sustainable Coastlines in mind, and they may just be the brand’s best initiative yet.

For every black bottle of vanilla and coconut hand or body wash sold, Ecostore will donate 20cents to the charity in a bid to clear up our quintessentially beautiful coastlines and waterways. The money garnered will go towards the charity’s successful education programmes, public awareness campaigns, tree-planting work and waterfront clean-up operations — one of which will take place at Takapuna Beach on Saturday 3rd November. The large-scale cleanup event will also play host to award-winning Kiwi musician Jamie McDell, who will be rewarding fellow helpers with a free gig following an afternoon of beachside cleaning for an ethical event to remember. For those interested McDell will be spotted again, this time on Saturday 17th, at the Sustainable Coastlines Flagship Education Centre where a discounted refill event will take place, followed by an acoustic performance by the young songstress.

To find a refill station near you, click here, and for more information on the limited-edition range, click here



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