Ecostore’s epic pop-up sale is the perfect excuse to clean up your act

When confined to winter’s relentlessly rainy shackles, motivation to do anything deemed productive is scarce — especially when it comes to cleaning the house. (It’s called spring cleaning for a reason, right?) Tapping into our need for a kick up the behind, Ecostore is holding a sale extravaganza that will banish procrastination for good. Lending a helping hand to everything from our dishes to our laundry with a range of their eco-friendly, sustainable cleaning products, the outlet sale has us reaching for our Marigolds when we least expected it. Located in the warehouse next to Pocket Bar, the sale is on for this weekend only at 592 Great North Road, Grey Lynn. See you there.

Opening hours:
Friday 15th  June – 11am-7pm
Saturday 16th June – 10am-6pm
Sunday 17th June – 8am-2pm


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