This unlikely take on the facial is making waves in the beauty realm

For those that haven’t heard, (and really, where have you been), there’s a new kid on the block in the beauty world — and it’s kicking up quite a storm. While not the most conventional of methods, it’s face yoga, the stretching, moving, face-pulling technique, that’s really causing a stir at the moment due to its visage-overhauling properties. While there are plenty of moves that you can do at home, we suggest that this time you leave it to the professionals, namely, the beauty cognoscenti over at East Day Spa — because their amped-up take on the trend is something else entirely.

The Signature Yoga Facial combines bliss-inducing massage techniques with the crème de la crème of skincare to elevate lacklustre skin to a glowing degree. Here, you can expect to be subject to a more hands-on approach, where specially designed muscle movements and manipulations are delivered to the face to lift and enhance facial contours, resulting in a highly coveted, defined result. Not only does the facial massage improve muscle tone and lift the face, but the carefully selected skincare products work to improve the skin on the surface, leaving it feeling rejuvenated, reinvigorated and energised — a two-punch treatment that has all areas covered.

For those that are craving the firming, defining, toning effects of face yoga, (it’s been dubbed the ‘non-surgical facelift’)  but aren’t interested in contorting your face into the mirror in the name of beauty — then this facial treatment is a sure-fire winner. Not only miracle-working but utterly relaxing too, this revolutionary take on the trend has us wondering how we’ll ever be able to return to a ‘normal’ facial again.

East Day Spa


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