This blissful polishing treatment will overhaul your body in less than an hour

I’m the first to admit to showing my body nothing but neglect over the winter period. I’ve almost forgotten what exfoliation is and I refuse to stand, sans clothes, in the cold to fully moisturise. Heck, apart from a few fleeting reunions, I pretty much said farewell to the razor around mid-June. Then suddenly, we were blessed with weather sunnier than I can remember being possible and I found myself yearning for a magic spell that would overhaul my body in just a few, sweet seconds. A magic spell, of course, is impossible. Luckily, I found the next best thing — East Day Spa’s Codage Paris Body Scrub.

I’ll admit I was sceptical as I entered the divine smelling spa room, but as I laid across the bed and allowed myself to be subject to a vigorous body polish, my doubts swiftly melted. The scrub, comprising nourishing oils, rice particles and fine sugar, was rubbed in from the soles of my feet to the top of my shoulders, leaving me slightly red but glad to feel the stuff doing its job. Here, you’ll be asked to take a shower in order to wash away the scrub and, while the pressure and accompanying lotions and potions make this the shower of one’s dreams, I recommend taking the quickest wash possible in order to save more time for the finishing massage.

Upon donning the bathrobe post-shower, I was immediately struck by the smoothness of my skin against the soft gown fibres, I’m convinced it hasn’t been that supple and soft since the day I came into this world. The treatment finished with a full body application of the Codage Intense moisturising body milk, delivered via a blissful, serenity-inducing massage. I left the 45-minute treatment feeling reborn, revitalised and ready for anything. My legs resembled glossy hot dogs (now Insta-ready) as opposed to a set of crocodile scales, and my mind was fully at peace. My final recommendation? Try not to book it in during your lunch break unless wholly necessary, heading back to the office after a treatment so sublime is seriously tough work.

The Codage Paris Body Scrub — Intense Hydration is available from East Day Spa for $105, to book, click here

East Day Spa

123 Albert Street
Skycity Grand Hotel


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