Cire Trudon’s International Director sits down with us to talk about the luxurious candle brand

Arguably one of the biggest, most luxurious candles houses in the world, Cire Trudon and its sublimely aromatic creations has been one of our favourite indulgences for quite some time now. The newest addition to its line up, CIRE — available from WORLD — is a bergamot and honey blend with beeswax and cinnamon essential oils at its heart. To celebrate the launch, we sat down with the brand’s International Director, Elodie Herreria, to learn more about the history of the brand and — perhaps most importantly — the people who run the operation.

What do you think it is that has made Cire Trudon stand the test of time like so few others have managed?  
Innovation and insight, and most certainly the quality of our products.

How do you think Cire Trudon, as a brand, has evolved throughout the years?
We went from a commodity to a luxury accessory, then to perfume within four centuries.

Tell us something about Cire Trudon that we don’t already know.
In the 17th century, Trudon candles were such a precious commodity that the persons in charge of lighting and turning off candles in Versailles had, as a bonus, the right to keep the candle’s end. They would collect them and bring them back to the factory for them to be re-melted. The new candles would be of slightly lesser quality but so much better than the tally candles that they could make a second income from their resell. We even have a saying in French about this: “faire des économies de bouts de chandelles”.

The signature, glass jars have almost become a bigger draw to consumers than the candles themselves. How did Cire Trudon land on the packaging and jar design we have today?
When the brand was created in 2007 from this rich four-century history, we wanted our customers, when looking at the products, to see an object that could have been made by the Trudon Royal Manufacture of wax in the 17th century. The handmade glass was the only possibility. The crest is a reproduction of the Trudon family emblem, and it is still on the wall of the Manufacturing building today.

What inspires the fragrances of the candles?
It really depends on the moment. Location, historical figures, and for our latest addition, CIRE, the bees.

Throughout your journey with Cire Trudon, what is the biggest thing you have learned?
That it is extremely complex to create a perfumed candle. And also that, contrary to the perfume industry, what changes from one market to the other is about far more than just fragrance. I have also learned that working for a genuine brand with a rich history, is what luxury is all about.

What does Cire Trudon mean to you?
History, quality, know-how and perfume would be the four terms that sum up the brand for me.

What is the best part of your job?
Speaking about the Trudon history around the globe. Meeting the customers and retailers all over the planet. I am always amazed at how they can find and get attached to a brand that is seemingly so far away from their day-to-day.

What is the worst?
The lost hours due to airport delays.

In your personal candle collection, do you have a signature scent?
I have many including Ernesto, cyrnos and tomato. I have a full cupboard of candles at home and change them out depending on my moods. They’re all Cire Trudon or Carriere Freres, of course.

Are there any tricks to making a candle last longer?
The most important thing is to care. Care for the wick: your candle should never smoke. If it smokes, the wick is too long. Care for the wax: a candle is a product that requires time. Once lit, it should not be turned off before the whole surface is liquid. Care for the perfume: not blowing to turn it off. Use Cire Trudon’s eteignoir, so chic!


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