This gamechanging ‘back and booty’ treatment is a facial for the flipside

As the obsession with our backs (and our backsides) continues to evolve, it comes as no surprise that the beauty industry grows steadfastly alongside it. There’s a whole slew of fresh treatments set to firm, tighten, tone and smooth, but there’s nothing quite like the new Brilliant Back and Booty experience from Forme Spa.

A facial on the flipside, this back-focused spa treatment takes everything you know about the standard procedure and turns it 180 degrees. Starting things off with a deep cleanse and exfoliation, the trained beauty specialist then carries out either a therapeutic massage of your choice or a targeted treatment that is customised to your skin’s needs, leaving a brighter, smoother and re-energised derrière.

Rallying up a total time of just 30 minutes, the experience is just as suitable for a relaxing weekend as it is a quick lunchtime fix, meaning you’ll be on your way to a better ‘behind’ in no time.

To book in for a Brilliant Back and Booty experience, click here.


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