Hands down: A guide to the best massage therapists in Auckland

With the modern day mantra ‘work hard, play hard’ habitually leaving us physically and emotionally exhausted, a holistic, healing experience can be found in regular massages. With no time to waste, we’ve rounded up the best hands in the business so that each massage is as good as the next.

1. For a classic treatment: Tinarsi at Spring Spa Ponsonby
The talented Tinarsi is a versatile all-rounder with unparalleled skill in all styles of massage at Spring Spa. Having worked at top international spas, including Spring Spa in Bali, she puts her 15 years of global experience to good use and is highly requested with Spring’s regular clients.

2. For a sports massage: Graham at Move to Live
Renowned amongst Auckland’s fitness fanatics as the place to go if you’ve ‘gone too far’ with your training, the entire team at Move to Live is comprised of meticulously trained physiotherapists able to restore normal movement and function through a combination of deep tissue massage, stretching and mobility exercises. Walking out of this clinic is like walking on air.

3. For Balinese therapy: Agung at East Day Spa
Agung is East Day Spa’s most senior massage therapist and spa trainer, having worked at the acclaimed SKYCITY refuge for over 13 years. Her time at East was preceded by a decade in luxury spas in her native Bali, including the prestigious role of Spa Trainer at The Ritz-Carlton. Her forté is traditional Balinese massage, and she has vast experience across all massage disciplines. A session with Agung is at once healing and relaxing; defined by her energy and holistic technique.

4. For utter relaxation: Catherine at The Facialist
The kind of massage that you could quite easily fall asleep to, prepare to enter a bona fide state of zen. Catherine specialises in a gentle lymphatic massage using repetitive strokes, this is less about the physical outcome and more about achieving a sense of spiritual reprieve by way of pure relaxation. You. Are. Welcome.

5. For deep tissue bliss: Esther at Forme Spa Mt Eden
Having travelled extensively through South East Asia honing her skills as a therapist, Esther taps into Asian massage techniques and uses her arms and legs to give your muscles a firm work over and much needed stretch. Her deep tissue ‘Rock Me’ massage will see her use hot basalt stones to deliver the warm relaxation and leave you feeling decidedly unwound.

6. For a traditional Thai massage: Pim at Golden Fingers
Tough but effective, the traditional Thai massage at Golden Fingers is just the ticket if you’re after something a little more hard-hitting. Pim works hard to ensure she leaves a serious result: often using her hands, feet, knees and elbows to truly massage the patient thoroughly.


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