The 7 must have scents for summer

Seven scents Benny deems well worth a spritz and sniff this summer.

From time to time, WORLD’s very own nose that knows, Benny Castles, generously offers his time and expertise so that we might be scented in a manner befitting the season. And when said guidance comes with a little insight into how or when the man himself would tailor his fragrance choice to the many fun endeavours on the agenda, it is safe to say that for the sake of us all, saying no is not an option. Take it away, Benny.

A sexy scent made into masculine and feminine form inspired by a decadent encounter in the glamorous Acapulco of the late 1970s, these fragrances smell perfect for an animalistic, hot and sweaty hedonistic summer — one that is hopefully ahead of us all!

How or when I’d wear it:
At the end of a long, hot day soaking in the sunshine before walking into the empty city, making my way to a table outside at Depot to order a Negroni and some sliders.

The newly-released fragrance by Amouage is not a typical summer scent, but with notes of rum, roses and leather it is an elegant evening parfum. Its muskiness has just enough mystery about it that it gives a smoky impression of fun and frivolousness.

How or when I’d wear it:
During summer there will no doubt be plenty of opportunities for me to reveal my secretly shitty BBQing skills, which are only made better by the fact I have an old school Weber circular BBQ in a bright blue… so I can match my outfit to the cooking instrument to help make the food taste better. And with Amouage Myths offering the perfect scented segue into the coming feast, it’s safe to say a sensory experience on the back porch is on the cards. 

Sometimes you just need to smell like summer! This burst of fresh green and electrifying Jasmine puts you in the mood to be outside amongst nature. Saskia Havekes’ fragrances revel in her exceptional skills as a world-renowned florist and give you a true appreciation for the flowers these notes are inspired by.

How or when I’d wear it:
I’m not a terrifically outdoorsy person. I’m far better at ordering in restaurants and reclining on the couch, but summer in Auckland does require a car trip or two to the beach or bush, probably out West, and when I’m there I like my scent to co-exist in with the nature around me. 

One of our recently arrived lines, the imperious Carner from Barcelona has a scent in the collection inspired by the wood of Palo Santo, historically used by indigenous peoples of South America to cleanse homes and ward of bad spirits by burning. The scent itself reminds me of milky, warm sun-drenched skin covered in oils and sunscreen — a whiff that will likely bring summer to mind before you can say ‘that’s hot!’

How or when I’d wear it:
On a day at Onetangi Beach on the island there will be nothing better than wearing this fragrance to put you in the mood to sit and do nothing but soak up some vitamin D and keep your nose firmly poked in a book.

Another recent inclusion to our collection is Histoires, a cult line from Paris. My favourite is the 1828, inspired by the year and by Jules Verne and his adventuring literature, taking notes for the scent from all over the globe. In particular, the scent boasts a sharp and delectable Eucalyptus note that catches me (in a good way of course) every time!

How or when I’d wear it:
From a young age my brother and I grew up playing and watching cricket and a couple of times, we ventured across the ditch and spent days reclining under the sun at the SCG or the R-Adelaide Oval. The Eucalyptus notes in the scent and its connection to Australian heritage takes me there, making me feel a bit docile and slightly agitated but ultimately like a harmless hairy little Koala bear arching across the bleachers not wanting to be disturbed, simply sitting there zoning out on leather, willow, VB and overpriced hot dogs.

6. P. FRAPIN & CIE 1270
This legendary Cognac house from the Champagne region in France created this scent in honour of its founding year — 1270. The fragrance can be best likened to the wooden Cognac barrel once it’s been emptied, where the fruits and spices that have sunken to the bottom of the barrel have warmed in the sun — you then throw yourself head first into the barrel to absorb the flavour into your being.

How or when I’d wear it:
I have a wee talent for the drink and throwing myself head first into a barrel of Cognac sounds like a damn good party. Wearing 1270 gives me the warm refined evening scent without all the hard work of drinking, and as the evening extends and the scent drys down the fruitiness takes over and so does mine!

Each of the scents by Santa Maria Novella seem tailor-made for summer — sweet and refreshing, with an effortless touch of Italian refinement. This variation was made by the iconic Florentine company as a gift to its sister city Kyoto after WWII as a love note to the people, a sisterly bond of friendship. The fragrance is undisputedly Italian but, given this uniquely Japanese touch with the cherry blossom note, it’s singularity as a scent and playfulness is perfect for a daytime summer scent.

How or when I’d wear it:
With the season of sun signalling a time for socialising and bonding, we jaunt as a family to the sunny hills of Cambridge where we prepare to battle like pioneers in an epic game of Monopoly that becomes more and more interesting as tensions rise and alliances are made. So, a gift-giving scent of sisterhood is the perfect foil to make the most apt partnerships prior to destroying the competition with a barrage of hotels in the Bond Street neighbourhood.



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