Stretch it out with these at-home Pilates classes to work your core

Sitting at a makeshift home office chair and staying indoors can leave your muscles screaming, so focus on flexibility and mental wellbeing with these online Pilates classes. From traditional approaches to cardiovascular conversions, these classes offer more results than sporadic stomach crunches in the morning

Thrive Pilates
Now that you’ve mastered Zoom for work meetings, school check-ins and late night cocktail parties, turn it towards maintaining a cool core with live pilates classes from Thrive Pilates. Instructors will be looking at you and correcting your form (although you can switch off the camera if you haven’t had an opportunity to curate the backdrop of your ‘fitness zone/hallway’). Classes are at 7am, 12pm and 6pm on weekdays and 9am on weekends. Pay and book for classes through the website and take a look at the Instagram page to see how your classmates are keeping up.

Wundabar Pilates
Take advantage of the 7 day free trial offered by WundaBar Pilates founder Amy Jordan. Based in the US, Jordan takes a more cardio-focused approach to Pilates, getting the blood pumping.  “I often hear people say: ‘Oh, you teach Pilates? That’s stretching, right?’ But we do our work eccentrically,” Jordan says, “which is a fancy way of saying in length. So you will elongate your muscles as you sculpt them.” On demand classes are typically 30 minutes, which will be long enough to feel the burn.

Stella Pilates and Wellness
Instructor Stella Mitchinson is keeping active on Instagram with stories packed with workouts and nutrition tips. Some of the exercises feature resistance bands and small hand weights. If you are searching for equipment use a robe tie or knotted stockings in the place of resistance bands and food tins for weights. Look at Mitchinson’s story highlights for completed workouts.

Club Pilates
US fitness chain Club Pilates is known for their reformer-based classes but during the lockdown they are regularly streaming free mat classes on their Facebook page. Thanks to time zones their afternoon LA workout is your mid-morning refresher. Visit the page in advance to see whether the class will be 10 minutes, 20 minutes or a bumper 45 minutes. They will also flag any required equipment.


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