Keep up with the Cup: Everything you need to know about this weekend’s sailing

After much deliberation between the Challenger of Record (Prada Perelli, COR) and the America’s Cup Event (ACE) organisers, the decision has been made to continue with the Prada Cup finals racing this weekend, despite Auckland still being under Level 2 restrictions. The decision is being viewed by many as extremely disappointing given the general public’s enjoyment of the event thus far. 

A serious blow to both local spectators and the business community who surround the waterfront area and have been enjoying the much needed influx of patrons over the past few weeks are unlikely to receive as much patronage had the racing been held off until we are at Level 1.

The COR has advised that due to the Level 2 restrictions, the following will be closed to the public over this weekend of racing:

• Main stage — Te Wero Island

• Simulator

• Guests hospitality facilities on shore

• Guests hospitality at sea

• Pre-race public shows

• Giveaways and gifts distribution

Furthermore, outside of the main America’s Cup Village, there are a few other things you should know about the racing — that regardless of the drama, is sure to be extremely exciting to watch.

• To prevent any gathering of spectators on the shore, Racecourses B & C will not be used under Level 2. This means the Racecourse near the beach, where spectators would typically gather.

• There will be no public viewing of the racing in either the race village or the Viaduct Harbour’s purpose built Upper Deck.

• There can be no gatherings in any bar or eatery over 100 people, so venues who are televising the racing will need to monitor crowd activity.

• All bars, restaurants and cafes surrounding the Race Village will remain open, but must keep with the Ministry of Heath COVID-19 Level 2 guidelines. Which requires guests to stay seated during the event.

Despite the restrictions we still encourage people to support hospitality venues when and where they can this weekend, they desperately need your support, and you can guarantee they will be willing to not only ensure your safety under Level 2, but deliver a fantastic day out. We strongly encourage you to book ahead to secure yourself a table to catch all the action.

Finally, private vessels and boat charters (as long as they have less than 100 people) can still go ahead. So if you can, get out on the water to catch the up-close action of what is sure to be a nail biting weekend of racing.

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