Must-try dish: Spanner crab pot

We're experiencing fond feelings for this soul-warming serving of the ocean-dwelling delicacy.

We can’t deny, when it comes to eating crab, one definitely has one’s work cut out. That said, the reward of the slightly sweet, light and succulent flesh within is well worth the time, not to mention, the practice of attaining it an entertaining activity unto itself. In light of as much, we’re celebrating the gorgeous Spanner Crab Pot on the Crab Shack’s new menu — our current obsession du jour.

Arguably the only place in town to indulge in the ocean-dwelling delicacy, this steaming hot pot is an undeniably fresh and delicious way to ward off the numbingly cold weather. Herein, the big, bright orange crustacean is teamed with Indian spices to create a delicious broth. With its medium texture meat (not too steak-y and not too flakey but rather somewhere in between) and pleasingly mild flavour, it oughtn’t come as a surprise that the Spanner Crab dish is winning over our taste buds, especially when topped with generous amounts of coriander, fresh chilli and lemon.

As a certified North American favourite, we’re lucky to have this exotic species available to us thanks to the crab maestros down at the Crab Shack. And once you’ve tapped into its incredible white meat, we’re quite sure you’ll come around to our current persuasion for this 10-legged creature of goodness.

Crab Shack

137 Quay St
Auckland CBD

(09) 972 1599


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