The one fine dining experience you need to try

If there was one fine dining experience to have on your bucket list, this is it.

While gourmands of Auckland indisputably have a plethora of lofty restaurants at their fingertips, there are few that offer patrons the pinnacle of the haute cuisine experience: the chef’s table. Long celebrated as masters of this truly immersive gastronomic experience, we’ve not lost our fixation on one of the country’s finest food establishments, Sidart, whose offering of the world-class culinary affair punches above all others.

From Wednesday through Saturday, two to six guests sit within arm’s length of the nimble-handed chefs — most likely the lauded master chef, Sid Sahrawat, himself — witnessing up-close the finesse required in creating a series of nine edible masterpieces to be consumed by yours truly. To start things off on the right foot, attendees are served a glass of Billecart-Salmon Champagne before Sid or one of the acclaimed restaurant’s foremost chefs walks you through the intricate details of the dishes. Each one as extraordinarily elegant as the next and many of which are more or less created ‘off the cuff’.

Refined creations of scallops and prawn beignets combined with flavours of earl grey tea, white soy broth, daikon, granny smith apple and dill, as well as John Dory with celeriac, almond and seaweed, are indicative of what to expect. The mains go anything along the lines of succulent lamb rack, leeks, black garlic and kale, and to top it all off, a dessert comprising all thing seasonal, for example with feijoa, black sesame, blueberry and pineapple. There’s no doubting the fact that each course of this formidable degustation is equal parts unique, vibrant and incredibly flavoursome. What’s more, its presented in a manner that’s simply unforgettable.

If you are yet to experience Sidart’s chef’s table odyssey, may we suggest you book in and make a pilgrimage to this local culinary mecca. After all, securing yourself front row seat in order watch the magic unfold will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable culinary experiences you’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing.


Three Lamps Plaza
283 Ponsonby RD

(09) 360 2122



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