You don’t want to miss this one-night-only dining experience hosted by a certified Sake Samurai

Clear your schedules for Tuesday, 16th July, as The Sugar Club is presenting us with an exclusive dinner, the like of which is not often seen in Auckland. Not only is the dinner sure to be a uniquely delectable feast (such is The Sugar Club’s reputation) but it will be hosted by Yukino Ochiai, the first woman to be appointed a Sake Samurai in Australia, and to this day, still the only woman to hold that title.

A Sake Samurai is the highest and most sought-after title in the world of sake and is not something given lightly. Ochiai was the 16th woman in the entire world to receive Samurai distinction in the sake industry — a field typically dominated by men — which makes her achievement all the more distinct and this event all the more special.

Guests will be treated to curated drinks from Déjà Vu sake, of which Ochiai is the sake specialist, which will be carefully paired with a five-course dinner by The Sugar Club’s Executive Chef, Josh Barlow. Ochiai’s sake and Barlow’s dishes have been designed to complement and enhance one another, which will result in an entirely unique dining experience, unlike anything most of us have experienced before.

Only on for one night, bookings for what is promising to be a flavourful, educational and convivial evening are essential, click here to reserve your spot.


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