The new cocktail closing in on the espresso martini

To be honest, when we heard of the fresh cocktail trend that sees gin and tonic muddled with coffee, our first thought was: ‘great, finally a chance to be hyperactively sad in public.’ Not the type of libation that instantly appealed, we were hesitant to give this one a go, but since whipping up and knocking back a few of the aptly named, ‘Turbo G&Ts’ we have to admit… we were wrong.

Blending gin’s light botanicals and tonic’s soft bitterness with a splash of earthy coffee, the unusual flavour combo really works. It’s a subtle twist on the classic gin and tonic — rather than a complete taste overhaul — and makes for a delicious party-starter guaranteed to both perk and loosen you up in one fell swoop.

But don’t just take our word for it, make your own. Simply pour a shot of gin over ice, followed by a small nip of cold brew coffee, before topping with tonic water and a twist of lemon to finish. Our new aprés work beverage of choice, turbo charge your Friday evenings with this enthusiastic gin tipple. 



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