A stellar cafe is bringing out the best of Birkenhead

Heading over the bridge? This baby is well worth a stop.

Just when we thought things had hushed a little in the ‘burbs over the bridge — since the likes of Mulan and Fika With Me anyway — it has been brought to our attention that a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed cafe, bar and restaurant has opened its doors, much to the delight of Birkenhead locals and beyond. Named simply after its coveted coordinates, The Junction is — to quote a happy customer who could barely contain their excitement when we asked — is “one to watch”. We couldn’t agree more.

Proudly marching to the beat of their own drum, the firm foodie favourites here feature the perfect portion of personality to keep things interesting — a reflection of their discerning, worldly clientele perhaps? Take the eggs benedict for instance, the saucy twist takes the form of a burnt butter Hollandaise that brings a nuttiness to the table that kept us coming back for more. The ‘unsmashed’ avocado is another fine example. Tired of hearing the alligator pear served pulverised, The Junction’s rendition leaves our beloved avo intact and accompanied by a turmeric-infused sea salt, high-quality bocconcini and the ‘do-not-dare-say-no-to-it’ garlic sourdough.

Moving out of brunch territory, saying you’ll be spoilt for choice here is an ample understatement. Whether you’re in the mood for house frozen yoghurt and waffles (made on machines imported from the great waffle region of Belgium, we’ll have you know) or a beautiful salad of prosciutto, French goat’s cheese, cos, sliced pear and walnuts drizzled with a red wine vinaigrette — they have it all. Hoping to do dinner instead? The grilled veggie stack will appeal to many but, the braised lamb shanks… those are a must — so loved is the dish that we heard rumours of a fan club in the works in honour of the meaty main.

Here to heed the call of the hungry (and when a delicious morning fix of Atomic coffee is imperative), for food among friends in a convivial locale on the Shore, this hotspot is hard to beat.

The Junction Eatery

39 Birkenhead Ave


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