The caviar experience

A toast topper once thought to be reserved for the hoity and the toity, these days caviar is a far more accessible delicacy. Thanks, in part, to the rise in sturgeon farming, a new-wave of sustainably-sourced eggs are slowly beginning to surface at delis and eateries across town.

Enjoyed in a multitude of ways, the black gold is available for your at-home enjoyment from local specialists like Skazka European Delicatessen and Maison Vauron, while dining out, it is the traditional plating at Augustus Bistro that truly displays the salty rounds at their finest. Sourced from Sturia Caviar, France’s pioneering sturgeon farm, the elegant Ponsonby haunt dishes up the indulgence with all the classic accompaniments — capers, red onion, egg, blinis and the like — encouraging guests to experiment and enjoy as they wish.


Augustus Bistro

1-3 Saint Marys Road

(09) 950 4855



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