The Sugar Club is going entirely plant-based for World Vegan Day

World Vegan Day is coming up on 1st November and it’s important for several reasons. Not only is our planet on fire (not in a good way) thanks, in part, to methane emissions — over 37 percent are attributed to factory farming — but it’s a chance to experience plant-based food at its fullest potential. Not that we’re saying veganism is perfect, it’s just that most of us who aren’t vegan are probably a tad sceptical.

Compelling us to quell said scepticism is The Sugar Club and The Sugar Culb’s new(ish) Executive Chef Josh Barlow. Taking the idea of World Vegan Day and running with the opportunity to challenge the strong and often misguided perceptions about the diet, Barlow will be leading the charge for a day of completely plant-based alterations. On November 1st, there will not be an animal product in sight; egg whites will be banished from the bar carte and cuts of meat eradicated from the food menu in lieu of some delicious vegan fare.

“Marking World Vegan Day is an opportunity for us to showcase to our guests just how delicious plant-based cuisine can be. We are committed to delivering exceptional food and believe our menu will be as enjoyable as any other occasion at The Sugar Club,” says the Executive Chef. By booking in on the day, guests will be able to choose from an exquisite three-course lunch for $59 or the Chef’s Spring menu that will go through a journey of seven courses for $135 per person.

By embracing veganism so wholeheartedly, The Sugar Club adheres to its longtime commitment of pushing the boundaries, and by doing so, will prove that vegan cuisine doesn’t have to be compromising on quality or flavour.

For booking enquiries, email [email protected] or phone (09) 363 6365. All bookings include Sky Tower admission. 

The Sugar Club

72 Victoria St W
Auckland Central

(09) 363 6365


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