This adorable new grocer is bringing plastic-free shopping to Birkenhead

In light of the increasing concern over plastic and waste many stores are not only reducing the amount of food and product packaging that they stock, but they are eliminating disposable packaging altogether. One such trailblazer who is paving the way for a more sustainable future is Hannah Paterson, with her new, plastic-free grocery store Sprout the Grocer.

Rustic and welcoming, Sprout The Grocer makes an alluring retail addition to the streets of Birkenhead. Inside, soft-hued flower arrangements adorn the space, neat little jars line the shelves — packed with bright legumes, rice, spices, flours and cereals — filled-to-the-brim refillery stations are stocked with everything from almonds to cleaning products, and household essentials pepper the aisles, a keep cup here — a bamboo toothbrush there. Rotating recipes — think bliss balls and sauerkraut — can be found scrawled across the chalkboard, recipes which the undeniably warm and welcoming staff are always happy to discuss — they have a love and knowledge of food and health that extends to far more than just the shopping list. It is a space where shoppers are, of course, encouraged to bring their own containers, but if you have nothing on hand don’t fret — there are plenty of paper bags and jars to purchase.

The store has only been up and running for a month, but it has been warmly received by the community and has already cemented itself firmly in the hearts of Birkenhead locals. The community, it seems, is eager to engage with the concept of reducing waste through their shopping habits, and Sprout The Grocer provides the most comfortable, homely and welcoming space to do so.

Sprout The Grocer

100 Hinemoa St



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