Need a pick-me-up? Here’s where to get your spicy cocktail fix

For days when a cocktail prepared by the best is in order, consult our go-to guide for the tastiest, chilli-laced beverages in town.

Bloody Mary from L’affare Melrose
The ultimate ‘hair of the dog’. Mixing tomato juice with a dash of Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, salt and pepper, this tipple comes served in a tall glass, over ice with a celery stalk and slice of lemon. Simple, yet delicious.

Chilli Margarita from SPQR
Although not listed on the menu, the chilli margarita here is well renowned. An elevated rendition of the classic is poured into an authentic, salt-rimmed margarita glass and served without ice. If you like it extra spicy, they’re not afraid to turn up the heat either.

Spicy Lychee Martini from Fukuko
A fine balance between citrus, sweet and spicy, it’s made with Rogue Society Gin, lemon juice, lychee and Hellfire Bitters.

Spend A Buck from Woodpecker Hill
Not as spicy as the rest, this drink errs on the side of salubrious. Brought to life through blueberry- infused bourbon, a dash of fresh lime, mint and house-made, spicy ginger beer, the thirst-quenching beverage is almost healthy.

C&P Margarita from Coley & Punch
The classic margarita has been given the ultimate twist with house-infused pineapple tequila. Shaking it up with a dash of fresh lime juice, topped off with a sprinkling of chilli and pink peppercorn-infused agave syrup.

Ninja Azzurri from Azabu
Comprising Amaretto, lemon juice, wasabi and orange bitters, this cocktail is the perfect balance of heat and refreshment, with a lingering hint of orange that takes the edge off.

Big Brother from Kiss Kiss
This spicy eatery’s heated concoction is made with tequila, lime, Cointreau and chilli and comes served in a salt-rimmed glass.


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