Southern style sauce

The artisanal range is now available in New Zealand

Bestowed the secrets to his special sauces by his grandmother Lillie, South Carolina-born chef Charlie McKenna could have rested on his laurels and simply served them at his contemporary Chicago barbecue restaurant Lillie’s Q (short for BBQ). But depriving the world of these sensational savoury finishing touches would be the complete antithesis of Southern hospitality. Just in time for our barbecue season, the artisanal range is now available in New Zealand.

As expected, each condiment pays homage to deep-rooted barbecue traditions dictated by specific regions of the South. The Carolina Gold’s mustard base calls to mind the region’s German heritage – its peppery bite is the perfect pairing for pork. The Ivory is a sweet and tangy Alabama original that doubles as a coleslaw dressing and a rich topping for chicken. While the Smoky, a sweet, mild Memphis-style simmered sauce, is a must for slow-cooked ribs or for a true Southern treat, add a little to homemade mac ‘n cheese.

Lillie's Q Barbeque Sauce


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