8 of our favourite spots for soup on the run

There’s little that heats fingers, tums, and dwindling winter spirits more effectively than a hot cup of homemade soup. Luckily for us, there are a burgeoning number of our favourite eateries catering to the liquid lunchtime persuasion. Equipped with the best destinations to pick up a scrumptious lunch that won’t tip your calorie count over the edge, it would seem there’s little room for anything else when it comes to a nutritious and satiating midday meal.

1.Hello Mister
Serving as the ultimate remedy for winter ails, a steaming noodle broth, aka their moreish Pho soup, is ideal for slurping.

2. Amano
The stop-in station at Britomart’s beloved Amano bakery is where daily varieties are swiftly picked up to-go alongside a delectable baked good or two.

3. Baduzzi
Normally reserved for sit-in pasta dishes, Baduzzi has made a name for itself for providing a delicious source of the liquid gratification.

4. Caffetteria Allpress
Known for nailing the classics (hello morning eggs and soldiers) it’s no wonder, come wintertime, this cafe stalwart serves a delicious array of daily changing soups. e.g. kumara, lentil, and coconut with a side of sourdough.

5. The Store
They have been a winter soup stalwart in the heart of Britomart ever since they first opened, and this year is no different.

6. Longshot
This petite Ponsonby Road cafe has a rotating variety to forever keep you on your toes. Stop in for a satisfying serving of liquid lunch and profit from the good service.

7. The Strand Cafe
If your stomping ground is Parnell, you simply can’t look past The Stand Cafe where the delish daily potions are amongst some of the better we’ve ever tried.

8. The Dairy
You can count on this Ponsonby Central pitstop to deliver the goods. With a rotating selection of soups like cauliflower and blue cheese and French onion, mop it up with some garlic bread and you’re away laughing.


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