Soul unveils its fresh new look

A revered waterfront wining and dining destination flaunts its sophisticated new interior.

While many bars and restaurants adhere to the old ‘if it ain’t broke’ adage, a long shining star of the Auckland Viaduct, the reputable 15-year-old Soul, certainly doesn’t. In fact, it’s a true show of commitment to their steadfast patrons that the famously light, bright and breezy waterfront restaurant recently closed its doors for three weeks (a lifetime for the hospitality stalwart) only to unveil a stunning new interior this week.

Under the astute guidance of interior designer Danielle Bates and Godward Guthrie Architecture, the team have conceptualised an inviting sleek and sophisticated interior. With a healthy dose of marble, a pleasing sequence of Lee Broom Crescent lights, and an eye-catching geometric balustrade, the elevated dining area observes a strictly mind-soothing, muted colour palette. “The design objective was to create a space reminiscent of a superyacht but in an elegant and timeless way,” Bates explains, pointing out the custom designed lighting, bespoke rivets, and custom curved metal joinery that glamorously frames the bar area.

To match the interior’s striking new overhaul, the menu has also been subject to rejuvenation. At a quick glance, you’ll see a spate of fresh and exciting dishes, notwithstanding a handful of ‘Soul classics’. The former comprises dishes such as the yellowfin tuna sashimi inspiringly teamed with foie gras parfait and pickled rhubarb. Of course, the focus is still on superb seafood; the grilled snapper is infallible with a fresh melange of witloof, walnuts and apple on top, so are the oysters served Rockefeller or Kilpatrick style, au naturel, or fried and tucked into a sandwich with coleslaw and spicy mayonnaise. The list goes on.

We’re totally smitten with Soul’s fresh new direction, that further cements its unceasing waterfront charm. With the soothing interior giving way to the gentle clatter of knives on the open terrace, and later on at night, an ebullient social scene fuelled by none other than champagne and oysters, it’s no wonder owner Judith Tabron is asserting with confidence that “Soul is here to stay”.

Soul Bar

16-18 Corner of Lower Hobson Street and Customs Street West
Auckland Viaduct

(09) 356 7249


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