The most satisfying way to recreate your go-to summer cocktails when you’re ‘not drinking’

When Seedlip arrived on the scene earlier this year, it single-handedly transformed the no-alcohol game, taking teetotalers out of their sparkling water-exhausted, sweet mocktail-fuelled confines to ply them an enticing alternative. Fair to say, we’ve been watching the ‘spirit’s’ every move since. Following the launch of their original, Garden 108 drop, they released Spice 94. Most recently, however, they have added a third iteration, Grove 42, to their delightfully aromatic line-up.

The warm, sophisticated blend uses a mixture of Blood Orange, lemon peel, ginger and lemongrass distillates paired with the ‘soft prickle’ of Japanese sansho peppercorn. The result is a citrus-driven base that is perfect for mixing into what would otherwise be your habitual vodka soda or gin tonic. For the former, combine a pour of Grove 42 over ice in a highball glass before topping with soda and garnishing with an orange wheel (pictured above right). For the latter, similarly, combine a pour of Grove 42 over ice in a highball glass before topping with passion fruit kombucha and finishing with an orange peel (pictured above left).

Proving that you don’t need to change your habits just because you’re on the wagon, Seedlip’s new Grove 42 is just the substitute we were looking for when recreating your go-to summer cocktails.

Click here to purchase Seedlip’s new Grove 42. More recipes can be found here.


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